The Vena

The BioEvolution Vena is the entry level machine in the Dermace lineup. It's a lightweight machine that's hugely versatile due to the extensive range of needle cartridges available. You can carry out Semi Permanent Makeup treatments as well as Meso Revitalize courses. Very capable and reliable.

Margo laser

The Margo laser

The BioEvolution Margo Laser is the finest Semi Permanent Makeup machine in the Dermace lineup - possibly even the SPMU Industry. It's a high-tech machine that's ideal for Advanced, as well as Foundation-level treatments. In addition,  you can effectively carry out advanced Medical Treatments as well as Meso procedures. The best long-term choice for a career-tech.

BioEvolution Pigments

Bio Pigments

If you haven't tried these pigments, you could be missing out. They are EU regulated - which is crucial for insurance reasons, and also to ensure they contain no carbon or other potentially harmful ingredients. They retain in the skin incredibly well and heal true to their colour - meaning a more reliable and predictable treatment your you, the technician.

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