The Most Advanced Micropigmentation Concept on the Planet


5 years in development, the all-new BioEvolution Concept has taken every step to ensure perfection in every aspect of its use. A heavy focus on innovation and improvement make this the most advanced system on the market.


From the Japanese Stainless Steel needles, to the unibody glass and aluminium machine base units - the BioEvolution range is unmatched in Quality. The digital handpiece is a work of art, with only the highest manufacturing tolerances are accepted.


Class-leading safety membrane is Patent-Pending. This new system prevents fluid backflow without compromising on the free movement of the needle through the cartridge. A progressive spring allows excellent precision and dexterity.

Element 1. Machine & Handpiece

High quality, consistent, reliable, and capable of performing all types of Micropigmentation treatment.

Element 2. Cartridge System

Ultimate flexibility and precision are paramount - alongside a strong, dependable safety system.

Element 3. Pigment

Utilising a pigment that is predictable, proven, and regulated in the UK/EU is essential.

Infinitia Handpiece

Durable, Precise, Comfortable

HR Cartridges

Flexible Acupuncture Needle

Precision Machinery

Labo, Vena, Margo

Premium Accessories

Professional Additions

Our Range

From the power adapter, all the way to the tip of the needle - our entire system has been re-imagined, improved, and optimised.

We have made improvements at every single stage of the process, and have achieved a 50% increase in efficiency - meaning less effort at the skin, and more precision for the technician.

Contemporary Design

Patent-Pending Safety System

Both Traditional AND Acupuncture cartridges available

High quality presentation for Elite Technicians

What our technicians say

OMG! I love my new handpiece - it's so quiet!

Amelia Parsons

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist

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